Important notification

The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the ways that companies can conduct their business and run their operations.

Most of our customers are critical infrastructure companies that operate in electric power generation, city heating, oil & gas or industrial production.

All recently imposed and upcoming regulations and restrictions raise serious concerns about the continuity of business and the safety of employees.

VBR actions and precautions

At VBR Turbine Partners we acknowledge the currently disrupted economic and social environment and therefore we have quickly adapted our activities to keep providing outstanding maintenance support our customers in a safe way for their employees and for our service engineers.

Spare parts

We will remain fully operational and the delivery of our spare parts will continue as effectively as possible under the current circumstances.

Maintenance services

We will remain fully available to provide on-site technical maintenance support to our customers worldwide when this can be arranged under safe conditions.

All VBR service engineers are in good health, follow the protocols and recommendations of the health authorities, work from home, keep adequate distance at work and have not travelled to risk areas during the past weeks.

In case of work or travel restrictions we will look for the best available alternative options to perform maintenance services remotely or by augmented reality support.


To support LM operators in critical infrastructure companies worldwide who are not yet customers of us we have opened an alternative access to our specialized technical helpdesk.

When you have any technical questions around the operation or maintenance of your LM aeroderivative gas turbine simply contact or call +31 88010 9070.