OEM recommended Meggitt butterfly bleed air replacement valves

The OEM has published a service bulletin and service letter recommending replacement of existing 2.5″, 4” and 6″ Honeywell CDP, VSV and Thrust Balance valves on GE LM engines. The OEM recommendation is to replace them at the earliest opportunity with Meggitt butterfly bleed air valves for reasons of improved reliability.


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Ask for a quote or further information : meggitt@vbr-turbinepartners.com

Preventable lost production

These new OEM recommended L59092P03 Meggitt valves are fully interchangeable with your current Honeywell bleed air valves in form, fit & function and they fully comply with the OEM specifications on the flow versus stroke requirements.

Major Oil & Gas companies, power producers and process industries have already started valve exchange programs for their entire LM fleets.

All three types of the OEM recommended Meggitt valves are normally on stock at the VBR Turbine Partners warehouse in Elst for immediate availability to LM1600, LM2500/+, LM6000 and LMS100 owners and operators worldwide.

Meggitt-Bleed-Air-Valve-6-inch-L59092P03-C424065-7 cod
L59092P03 Bleed air valve