Important notification

The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the ways that companies conduct their business and run their operations.

Most of our customers are critical infrastructure companies that operate in electric power generation, city heating, oil & gas or industrial production.

In the Netherlands the COVID-19 vaccination program is well on track and almost everyone has been vaccinated.

Spare parts and tooling

We are fully operational to arrange same day shipment and reliable delivery of LM critical spare parts and LM tooling on stock.

Maintenance services

We are fully available to provide on-site technical maintenance support to LM operators worldwide under safe working conditions.

All VBR service engineers are fully vaccinated, follow the protocols and recommendations of the local health authorities and keep adequate distance at work.

In case of travel restrictions we will deliver the best available alternative options by performing maintenance services remotely or by augmented reality support.

We’re looking forward to provide you with maintenance Support Beyond Expectation for LM2500+, LM6000, TM2500+, DLE, Speedtronic & Woodward!


To support LM operators in critical infrastructure companies worldwide who are not yet customers of us we have opened an alternative access to our specialized technical helpdesk.

When you have any technical questions around the operation or maintenance of your LM aeroderivative gas turbine simply contact or call +31 88010 9070.