Welcome to our cutting-edge platform designed exclusively for LM gas turbine owners seeking to optimize their operations and reduce environmental impact. Let’s Introduce the Autotune DLE Solution Calculator your go-to tool for calculating annual CO2 Emissions and gas/fuel savings. Answer three simple questions and harness the power of data to enhance your LM gas turbine performance while contributing to a greener tomorrow. Explore the possibilities with the Autotune DLE Solution Calculator today!

LM1600 eruit. En LM2500+ toevoegen tussen LM2500 en LM6000. Hou hetzelfde draadmodel maar aan.

Choose your engine (1 of 3)

To unleash the full potential of AutoTune’s optimization capabilities, we need to know more about your specific engine type and operational details. Please choose between the fully supported models of LM2500 and LM6000 DLE engines. AutoTune optimizes performance across various loads throughout the year, eliminating the need for constant remapping with changing operations. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of your part-load operation. Select the average MW output during part-load operation and estimate the annual operating hours in this mode.

Choose your Region/operating climate (2 of 3)

We understand that the dynamic nature of climate changes can significantly impact the operating efficiencies of your LM engine. Temperature and humidity variations can pose challenges, often requiring frequent engine mapping to maintain optimal operations. With AutoTune DLE, the mapping process becomes automatic, promising increased savings, especially in regions with more significant climate fluctuations. To tailor our calculations to your specific operating conditions, please choose the climate that best aligns with your location. Select one of four climate options that closely represents your operating environment.

Your input will enable us to provide you with a more accurate assessment of potential savings in CO2 emissions and gas/fuel consumption.

Final questions (3 of 3)

Four critical parameters are needed for the final calculations. We meticulously calculate your CO2 emissions and gas expenses savings, specifically in EURO. 

nPlease provide your Gas price per cubic meter and CO2CO2 rate per ton to proceed. If your transactions are in USD, kindly convert them to the appropriate rate. [SJ8][JS9] Additionally, we need to factor in gravity and thermal energy Lower Heating Value (LHV) in BTU per pound to ensure precision in our assessment.

Your annual savings / Payback period

With the comprehensive input of all parameters, we now have the necessary information to reveal AutoTune DLE’s potential benefits for your LM engine. Anticipate annual savings of EUR XXXX in gas/fuel costs and CO2 emissions, all while ensuring adherence to your emission parameters.

Explore the details of your savings and payback period by contacting our Collegues via the contact details below – AutoTune DLE is ready to revolutionize your turbine performance and positively impact your bottom line.

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