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Education & training

VBR instructors are professionals. Our training courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training to ensure maximum value and relevance for our clients.
VBR offers courses that are suitable for those who require a deeper understanding of LM gas turbines, auxiliary systems and Speedtronic & Woodward control systems.

Maintenance strategies

Different types of gas turbine operation require different kinds of maintenance strategies to ensure reliable and cost effective operation throughout the equipment life cycle.
A strategic maintenance plan will contain an optimal planning of all required maintenance activities. This will be an effective guideline for a tailor-made long-term maintenance service agreement.

Quality and safety

“Safety First” VBR Turbine Partners prides itself in having an exemplary safety record. We have all national and international qualifications and certifications in place. This enables VBR to guarantee safe delivery of our high quality gas turbine maintenance solutions and maintenance services. Read more