HarcoSemco a world leading manufacturer of electrical cables and sensors for commercial aviation, aerospace, military and industrial applications. HarcoSemco electrical cables and sensors are used by OEM manufacturers on a wide variety of engines such as GE, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, SNECMA, Honeywell and many others. HarcoSemco turns over 60 years of experience into superior products for use on aeroderivative industrial gas turbines.

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HarcoSemco: Materials that last

HarcoSemco’s static harnesses are designed for resilience in the toughest of applications. In order to protect the critical wiring components from exposure to harsh environmental conditions, HarcoSemco offers connector over molding utilizing various polyurethanes and fluoreolastomers. The abrasion resistant jackets or outer coatings are available in Teflon, Nomex, PEEK or Stainless Steel.

Through custom material selection and detailed design of components, HarcoSemco engineers have developed harnesses to meet all durability demands, whilst maintaining the lightest possible weight. In-house braiding of the EMI shielding coupled with innovative termination processes ensure the best in class protection for signal protection.

Electrical harnesses

HarcoSemco custom-designed electrical harnesses offer packagers, operators and suppliers of GE LM Series gas turbines, reliable, cost effective solutions for the most demanding industrial and marine applications. Designed, tested and approved for installation in hazardous locations, all HarcoSemco harnesses are ATEX & UL/CSA listed.

Offering both on and off-engine application for the LM Series turbines, Harco harness assemblies utilize stainless steel connector/back shell configurations and incorporate rubber over-molding at the cable transitions. Coupled with EMI shielding techniques, flexible cable lay-ups and abrasion-resistant, machine-applied braid applications, the HarcoSemco GE LM Electrical harnesses are well suited for the harsh environments typical of the installation.

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VBR Turbine Partners and HarcoSemco have known one another for many years. Harco electrical cable has always been our preferred cable of choice. Now VBR has become official HarcoSemco distributor, we will be even better capable to meet your needs. It is our mission to minimize lead times by having electrical cables and harnesses available from stock.

The benefits of HarcoSemco cables & harnesses are:

Fluid ingress/immersion proof
Chafe resistant
Vibration & heat tolerant
Rugged/flexible design
High reliability
Extended lifetime

Critical cables on a gas turbine (LM6000)

  • Cable, off-engine ES9/ES14, T2 Left / T2 Right;
  • Cable, off-engine ES5/ES6, IGV, VBV, VSV, Torque motor A/B (HCU);
  • Cable, off-engine ES7, XN2, IGV LVDT Left;
  • Cable, off-engine ES8, XN2, IGV LVDT Right;
  • Cable, off-engine ES9/ES14, T25 No. 1 RTD Left / T25 No.1 RTD Right;
  • Cable, off-engine ES10/ES11, XN25 #1 Top / XN25 #2 Side;
  • Cable, off-engine ES12, Chip detector – TGB / A, B, Common;
  • Cable, off-engine ES13, Chip detector C, D, E;
  • Cable, off-engine ES16, VBV, VSV, LVDT Left;
  • Cable, off-engine ES17/ES19, Lube RTD, AGB, TGB / A, B, C;
  • Cable, off-engine ES18/ES20, Lube RTD, D, E, Supply;
  • Cable, off-engine ES21, VBV, VSV, LVDT Right;
  • Cable, off-engine ES22/ES23, CRF Accel. No. 1 / CRF Accel. No. 2;
  • Cable, off-engine ES26, ES54/ES55; Dual T3 (TC); T3 No. 1 / T3 No. 2 (dual TC);
  • Cable, off-engine ES30/ES31, XNSD Left / XNSD Right;
  • Cable, off-engine ES32/ES35. Cable, off-engine ES32/ES35, TRF Accel. No. 1 / TRF Accel. No. 2;
  • Cable, off-engine ES34/ES44, T4.8 Lower;
  • Cable, off-engine ES36/ES45. Cable, off-engine ES36/ES45, T4.8 Upper;
  • Cable, off-engine ES40, Staging Valves right #1 – 6;
  • Cable, off-engine ES41, Staging Valves left #7 – 11;
  • Cable, off-engine E48/E56, Thrust Balance valve; 4″(PC/PD);
  • Cable, off-engine, Ignitor Exciter Input;
  • Cable, off-engine E48/E56, CDP bleed valve 2,5″(PB/PD);
  • Cable, off-engine ES49, Stage 8 bleed valve;
  • Cable assy, off-engine E57A / E57B, Dynamic Pressure Sensor.