Obsolete or mature control systems are a serious constraint for reliable gas turbine operation. When the obsolescence risk of control system becomes too high or when the system repeatedly shows indefinable symptoms, a retrofit of the entire control system may be required to ensure reliable operation over time.

VBR Turbine Partners - Controls System Upgrades

Woodward and Allen-Bradley

VBR provides retrofits for obsolete turbine control systems with Woodward or Allen-Bradley hardware and software. Gas turbine control system retrofits deliver a higher level of control, reliability and availability for your gas turbine.

The Allen-Bradley PLC solution can be a cost effective alternative for an OEM control system without compromising on reliability or maintainability.

During the retrofit VBR provides the entire portfolio of hardware, software, installation & commissioning. VBR can also add training of your personnel on how to operate the new system. A well planned and prepared control system retrofit can be performed on site in 14 consecutive working days. Our qualified and experienced controls engineers have extensive knowledge regarding the required system configuration, commissioning and testing. They will ensure an optimal operation of the gas turbine.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s)

When VBR implements gas turbine control system retrofits we prefer to include High Performance HMI’s with advanced visualization options. We also can integrate these new generation HMI’s in your existing OEM control systems.

Benefits of control system retrofits

Retrofitting old or obsolete control systems brings a number of benefits. A well-performed gas turbine control system retrofit will pay itself back in only a few years time.

Prevent control system failures or problems
No dependency on the availability of obsolete parts
Optimized reliability, availability, performance & maintainability
Improved operator interfaces with more data and clearer visualizations