A LM2500+ on-site hot section exchange provides significant reduction in exchange costs and turnaround times. It also ensures greater control over the actions taken to repair your engine. A hot section exchange or repair at your location can be performed at significantly lower costs than a HSE or repair in a depot. Shipping your engine to an OEM licensed overhaul depot decreases your influence over the entire repair process.

Major impact of a hot section exchange

The major share of your gas turbine maintenance budget is consumed by engine overhauls and hot section exchanges. The standard procedure for a hot section exchange as advised by the OEM is an operations shut down and removal and shipment of the engine to an OEM licensed depot. In order to maintain production, alternative arrangements must be put in place, e.g. the temporary installation of a lease engine. Re-installation of your overhauled engine with the new hot section will require another shut down.

On-site hot section exchange

There is an independent alternative to this conventional OEM method that brings benefits in both exchange costs and turnaround times. VBR has the expertise, capabilities and experience to perform a LM2500+ hot section exchange on site. This on-site process can include inspection, cleaning and replacement or repair of specific hot section parts. An on-site LM2500+ hot section exchange requires only one engine shut down so there will be less disruption in the production process.

The benefits

On-site exchange of hot section; the benefits
Shorter turnaround time (TAT)
Shorter total down time
Cost-effective hot section replacement
Reduction in on-site disruption
Improved control over hot section replacement