Full recommissioning of a poorly commissioned or otherwise unreliable gas turbine control system is a proven way to increase overall GT reliability, availability & maintainability. Improved control over your gas turbine operation will reduce day-to-day operation & maintenance costs.

High reliability

VBR Turbines Partners are experts in the commissioning of new control systems and in the recommissioning of poorly commissioned existing control systems. VBR performs a comprehensive Site Acceptance Test (SAT) during which all individual loops, sub-systems and all settings and functions of the control system are tested before the engine is started. This results in a very high reliability and avoids troubleshooting during the startup of the engine.

Recommissioning services provided by VBR are based on an established RAM project approach (RAM stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) and are delivered and executed in close cooperation with our customers.


The benefits of recommissioning poorly commissioned or otherwise unreliable control systems are:

Optimized gas turbine performance
Improved gas turbine reliability & availability
Improved gas turbine maintainability
Reduced risk of failure and reduced need for troubleshooting
Reduced gas turbine operation & maintenance costs.
A well-performed gas turbine control system retrofit will pay itself back in only a few years time.