VBR Turbine Partners are the authorized distributors of leading technology companies that manufacture critical OEM parts for GE, RR and other aeroderivative gas turbines.

Meggitt / Whittaker Controls​

Meggitt / Whittaker Controls / PECC is an OEM engineering company for aerospace and gas turbine valves used in GE LM series, Rolls Royce, Solar and other aeroderivative gas turbines.

Auxitrol Weston

Auxitrol Weston is an approved supplier to General Electric & Rolls Royce for critical gas turbine sensors and probes (temperature, speed).


VBR Turbine Partners is authorized distributor for all Reuter-Stokes gas turbine flame detection and monitoring products in Europe.

Gastops MetalSCAN

Gastops MetalSCAN is the most effective solution available today for early detection of bearing damage in aeroderivative gas turbines.


With DET-TRONICS equipment you can feel assured avoiding false alarms or missed alarms when operating your gas turbine.

HarcoSemco cables & sensors

HarcoSemco is a world leading manufacturer of electrical cables and sensors for commercial aviation, aerospace, military and industrial applications.

Aerofluid Products

OEM service bulletin LM6000-IND-0302 recommends to install a full set of 15 Aero Fluid Products gas check valves in the fuel lines to prevent back flow of hot combustion gas and pressure into the C-manifold.