Helpdesk now available for all LM operators worldwide

Most of our customers are critical infrastructure companies that operate in electric power generation, city heating, oil & gas or industrial production. All recently imposed and upcoming regulations and restrictions raise serious concerns about the continuity of business and the safety of employees.


At VBR Turbine Partners we acknowledge the currently disrupted economic and social environment and therefore we have quickly adapted our activities to keep providing outstanding maintenance support to our customers in a safe way for their employees and for our service engineers.

To support LM operators in critical infrastructure companies worldwide who are not yet customers of us we have opened an alternative access to our specialized technical helpdesk.

The benefits

Spare parts supply continues
Remote maintenance solutions
Remote DLE mapping
Plant management support
On-site technical support continues

VBR helpdesk approach

1: Connect

When you contact us we will listen very carefully to you and to your questions. You can connect with us by telephone, email or online visual applications.

2: Collaborate

We share our extensive LM maintenance know-how and experience with you so you can take well-informed decisions on the best way forward for you.

3: Realize solutions

Together with your maintenance staff we will realize the best available solutions for your specific issues or problems during these challenging times.