Urgent: Last Chance for new Heat Exchangers (C327355) Are you operating LM2500, LM6000, or frame engines? If so, this message can be crucial. Parker Meggitt has ceased production of heat exchanger C327355. This is your exclusive opportunity to secure the remaining brand-new units, now available at a special 30% discount. These heat exchangers are known for their reliability and probably never fail, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Imagine the potential impact of a failure without a replacement. Verify immediately if your engines use these heat exchangers. For pricing and availability, you can visit the C327355 parts page. P.S. As a Parker Meggitt distributor and repair facility, we also stock, repair, overhaul, and exchange most Meggitt valves. Reach out to us for all your Meggitt part needs.