When an engine trips or shows an uncommon series of alarms it is usually hard to determine the (root) cause of these alarms within a short period of time. Applying condition monitoring and data logging applications can enable experienced engineers (both C&I and mechanical) to analyze all data and to determine the cause of the trips or alarms. A very effective way to solve control system and instrumentation issues is to apply RAPID immediate problem solving. It provides 24/7 immediate remote assessment of Speedtronic, Woodward or instrumentation problems and delivers interventions and recommendations to solve these problems in a quick & effective way.


RAPID is a powerful solution for remote solving of the majority of all C&I related GT problems. More specific I&C issues however will also require some kind of physical intervention in the sensors, cabling or control system of the GT to solve the problem. When an operator does not have these specific technical I&C capabilities on site specialized VBR C&I experts can provide support on-site maintenance engineers to solve these problems.