Independent LM overhaul expertise by VBR Turbine Partners

Independent hot section and major overhaul expertise enables gas turbine owners to achieve the best possible price-to-performance ratio on the overhaul of their hot sections or LM engines.

Hot section or major overhaul coming up for your LM2500(+) or LM6000?

Learn more by downloading the VBR LM hot section and major overhaul process overview.

Biggest share in maintenance budgets

What is the biggest share of all LM maintenance budgets? Hot section & major overhauls account for the biggest share of all LM maintenance budgets. Realistic indications of the investments required for these crucial maintenance projects are:

EngineType of maintenanceProject costMaintenance interval
LM2500(+)Hot section overhaul€ 550K – € 1.2M3 to 4 years
LM2500(+)Major overhaul€ 1.8M – € 2.5M6 to 8 years
LM6000Hot section overhaul€ 1.3M – € 2.2M3 to 4 years
LM6000Major overhaul€ 3.5M – € 4.5M6 to 8 years


Can more structured project management and smarter decision making lead to significant quality benefits and cost savings in overhaul projects?

Answer: Yes they can!

Adding independent VBR expertise will realize significant quality and costs benefits for any LM hot section or major overhaul process.

Additional investment pays back

Involving independent VBR expertise will obviously require an additional investment, however:

How can the involvement of VBR LM overhaul expertise generate this very quick return on investment? By providing in-depth expertise & experience about LM overhauls which will deliver:

Request a complementary knowledge session

Looking for an LM overhaul solution specifically tailored towards your business profile and operating purposes? Or interested in the most cost-effective LM overhaul solution available in the market today? Contact VBR to request a complimentary knowledge session with a VBR overhaul expert to address the questions that you or your on-site operation & maintenance staff might have around LM overhauls.

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Major savings on engine overhauls

Engine overhauls are the biggest assault on a gas turbine maintenance budget. Because of the high costs a competitive tender and accurate process control can lead to major savings.

VBR Turbine Partners provides independent engine overhaul expertise to support gas turbine owners & operators to realize the best possible price performance ratio on the overhaul of their engine.

Smart decision making

Extensive experience with spare parts supply, repair and overhaul has made VBR a competence center in the field of operation and maintenance of General Electric LM aeroderivative gas turbines. VBR overhaul consultants are former key executives of GE authorized overhaul facilities (GE Rheden, MTU Berlin-Brandenburg). Consequently VBR is able to define an optimal overhaul work scope for your engine. For each component the most economical method to achieve the intended objectives for your specific business situation is determined. This way VBR helps gas turbine owners & operators to understand which costs in an overhaul process are inevitable and which costs are avoidable or can be reduced. VBR’s engine overhaul consultancy services enable smart decision making and full process control.


VBR independent gas turbine overhaul expertise provides:
Better understanding of the whole depot process which enables better decision making
Major costs savings
Best possible price to performance ratio on your engine overhaul