Some LM power plants are closing down because it is no longer economically viable to keep them in operation. These power plant packages are sold to parties that are better able to operate them in a profitable way. VBR provides systematic decommissioning and recommissioning services for used LM engines & packages to realize an effective start up and operation at their new location.

Disassembly and reconstruction of LM gas turbines

VBR Turbine Partners takes care of the total disassembly and reconstruction of LM gas turbines as part of a total power plant relocation project.

Decommissioning services

At the old field site VBR disassembles, packages, labels and documents all parts in a very systematic way to enable a flawless rebuild at the new location. If appropriate VBR inspects the gas turbine and subsystems to determine if certain maintenance is required or recommended before reconstruction and commissioning.

Recommissioning services

At the new field site VBR provides or supervises the reconstruction of the complete gas turbine package. The control system is recommissioned and VBR performs an extensive site acceptance test (SAT) during which all individual loops, sub-systems and all settings and functions of the control system are tested before the engine is started. This approach ensures a high reliability and avoids the risk of troubleshooting delays during the engine startup.