The LM1600 gas turbine is a simple-cycle, two-shaft, high-performance engine derived from the F404 turbofan aircraft engine. The first industrial LM1600 gas turbine was installed in November 1988.This unit is widely used in industrial applications like power generation and combined heat & power, onshore and offshore. Marine applications include propulsion of navy vessels, ferries and luxury yachts.


The simple modular design of the LM1600 incorporates many features to maximize shipboard maintainability and parts replacement downtime, such as a split compressor casing, in-place blade and vane replacement, in-place hot section maintenance and accessible external fuel nozzles.

LM1600 control systems

The most common control systems on LM6000 engines are either Speedtronic or Woodward. VBR Turbine Partners have extensive capabilities in retrofitting obsolete control systems to up-to-date Woodward or Allen-Bradley systems with all the benefits of smart remote solutions and improved reliability, availability, performance & maintainability. In case of mature or poorly commissioned new control systems VBR provides re-commissioning services to optimize performance and improve reliability & availability.

Optimal performance

To keep the LM1600 running with optimal performance VBR provides inspection & repair services. VBR takes care of the entire maintenance of General Electric LM1600 and its control systems, auxiliary systems and packages.

Troubleshooting & problem solving

VBR Turbine Partners are a competence center for improving maintenance on General Electric LM1600 aero-derivative gas turbines. With our know-how, technical consultants and experienced engineers we can assess in a very effective way how to solve issues and disruptions with your engine as quickly as possible.