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Welcome to the VBR news update June 2021.

In this edition we kindly ask your attention for the new VBR gas turbine health check.

This is a quick and thorough assessment of your GT operation to identify opportunities for O&M improvements and cost savings.

We invite you to take a look at the brochure or the webpage and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Team VBR Turbine Partners

Save maintenance costs with the gas turbine health check by VBR Turbine Partners

Overview VBR news updates - June 2021


Six on-site LM2500(+) hot section exchanges completed succesfully

Our team of senior engineers successfully completed six LM2500+ hot section exchanges on site.

All required HSE tooling was provided and urgently required replacement parts were flown in hand carried to meet deadlines. Learn more about VBR on-site HSE’s on our website or download the VBR HSE brochure.

MetalSCAN as a service for your gas turbine-cod

VBR MetalSCAN as a service for LM2500+ & LM6000

As of now this very reliable online detection and monitoring system is also available as a service at a monthly subscription fee so no initial investment will be required.

Learn more? Visit GasTOPS MetalSCAN bearing monitoring webpage or contact

Introducing the VBR gas turbine health check

Would you like to receive a clear overview of your GT engine health status? Or practical recommendations for gas turbine O&M improvements and cost savings?

Download the VBR gas turbine health check brochure (PDF) or visit the webpage Gas turbine health check


Repurposing of European LM2500+ LM6000 power plants

Used European LM2500+ or LM6000 power plants can provide a lot of value in other parts of the world.

Learn about VBR power plant relocation services at our webpage power plant relocation.