Reuter-Stokes (a Baker Hughes business) is an established OEM supplier of flame detection & monitoring solutions in gas turbines. Formerly known as GE Flame Sensors, Reuter-Stokes provides the OEM recommended flame monitoring solutions to some of the largest gas turbine manufacturers in the world, amongst which GE General Electric. VBR Turbine Partners is authorized distributor for all Reuter-Stokes gas turbine flame detection and monitoring products in Europe.

Flame detection & monitoring in GE LM and Heavy Duty types of gas turbines

GE LM and Frame types of gas turbines may currently be equipped with Honeywell flame sensors. Due to various technical reasons these flame sensors have restrictions in their lifetime expectancy and reliability. Years of operational experience and running data over different gas turbine engines have shown that the expected life span of Honeywell flame sensors is usually shorter than the Reuter Stokes OEM alternative. Therefore Reuter-Stokes has developed an improved GT flame sensor with higher reliability and a longer lifespan. This is the Flame Tracker Dry 325 (RS-FS-9009) that can withstand temperatures up to 325°C and that has the electronics separated from the engine to eliminate vibrations.

Please contact us for the available options for GE LM and Heavy Duty type gas turbines to upgrade or replace your existing flame sensors to the reliable Reuter-Stokes flame sensors.

Reuter-Stokes replacement table for Honeywell flamesensors

What are the available options for GE LM & Frame type gas turbine operators to upgrade their currently installed Honeywell flame sensors to the improved Reuter-Stokes flame sensors?

Honeywell s/n Reuter-Stokes s/n for replacementGE s/n

Higher and more stable sensitivity for natural gas and liquid fuel

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Flame Tracker Dry 325 (FTD325)

Increased Safety (no water leaks)
Reduced maintenance due to eliminating overheated sensor failures
Higher recommended operating hours
Enhanced availability/reliability
No waterlines, simple outage maintenance
Decreased risk of Condensation