Gastops MetalSCAN is the most effective early detection & warning system for bearing damage in aeroderivatives available today. Gastops MS4000 is designed for early detection and monitoring of the progression of a bearing failure.  MS4000 can safeguard your engine and your entire production.

Early detection of bearing damage

Bearing damage cannot be actively prevented or predicted. The best option is to monitor bearing status and detect bearing damage at a very early stage. Gastops MetalSCAN MS4000 is all about providing that reliable warning ahead of a potential event. One of the great benefits of this system is that you can choose to decrease power output and reduce the chance of engine damage. Another significant benefit is that it provides time to plan a scheduled engine stop.

Introducing MetalSCAN as a service

As of now this very reliable online detection and monitoring system is also available as a service package at a monthly subscription fee. This all-inclusive option requires no initial investment because all hardware and diagnostic information are incorporated in the monthly service fee. 


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Contact us for your monthly service fee indication.

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The MetalSCAN benefits are:
Proactively plan a bearing exchange;
Prevention of secondary damage;
Planning & minimizing engine downtime;
Reduce costs and save money;
Peace of mind.

The most effective solution

With MetalSCAN installed as part of our remote decision support solution DECIDE operators can proactively identify & plan the necessary maintenance actions to arrange a scheduled engine stop for bearing exchange or repair.

Simple solid state and reliable design

Gastops MetalSCAN has no moving parts. It has been designed for heavy industrial use and to withstand high temperatures year in and year out. MetalSCAN monitors lube oil debris at a particle level and is able to detect bearing damage in a very early stage. It uses a through-flow inductive sensor that is installed inline within the turbine lubrication oil system. The sensor is capable of detecting and categorizing ferrous and non-ferrous particles by size and type. MetalSCAN requires minimal maintenance and does not indicate ‘false positives’.

Gastops MetalSCAN MS4000

MetalSCAN information allows operators to proactively plan the bearing replacement in order to minimize engine downtime and to prevent secondary engine damage. MetalSCAN provides 24/7 online monitoring of the health status of all main bearings in your gas turbine. In conjunction with VBR’s remote decision support DECIDE we are able to identify bearing condition against the background of all engine variables and signals. The combined input of information sources and our modelling software enable us to identify potential root causes faster. The condition of gas turbines is monitored and analyzed continuously to reduce failure risks.

Overview of LM gas turbine oil supply and MetalSCAN sensors in a flowchart

Notification for operators of MetalSCAN INDUSTRIAL systems

The previous generation of GasTops MetalSCAN industrial systems (installed up to 2016) has reached end-of-life status. This was mainly caused by the obsolescence of sub-components . GE LM gas turbine operators who still rely on previous generation MetalSCAN configurations may contact their VBR account manager for an upgrade to the entirely up-to-date MetalSCAN MS4000 system.

Early warning prevents secondary damage

As soon as MetalSCAN detects the smallest amount of bearing wear it generates a warning signal. From this moment on MetalSCAN will provide real-time trending information about the development of the damage. This information can be monitored by operators themselves. VBR can provide assistance analyzing the data and advise on maintenance preparation and planning.

MetalSCAN provides a second warning before the risk of secondary damage becomes critical. As a result the engine can be brought to a controlled stop. Based on MetalSCAN data maintenance can be planned and the issues can be addressed before a second warning comes up. In general this second warning is a reliable indication that secondary damage is imminent. Experience has taught the second warning of the Gastops system comes before warnings from any other monitoring system. When compared to systems like vibration monitoring, temperature measurement or chip detectors  Gastops MetalSCAN is more accurate and reliable. Other warning systems do not specify the root cause of the alarm. This makes MetalSCAN far superior in early detection of bearing damage.

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VBR Turbine Partners are the authorized Gastops partner for Europe

VBR Turbine Partners are the exclusive and authorized distributors for metalSCAN in Europe. MetalSCAN is provided as a dedicated service for 24/7 monitoring of the gas turbine’s bearing condition. 


Contact us for your monthly service fee indication.

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