Improve gas turbine reliability in a sustainable way by retrofitting obsolete control systems and by recommissioning poorly commissioned new control systems. Gas turbine control systems require regular inspection, troubleshooting, problem solving and repair or replacement of defective parts. VBR provides field service for LM gas turbine control systems, instrumentation & cabling to solve potential problems quick & effective.

VBR Turbine Partners are independent maintenance experts for Speedtronic & Woodward control systems. Our certifications: ISO 9001/2015, SCC Petrochemical and offshore.

Experienced service engineers

Our controls & instrumentation service & project engineers are well trained, experienced and equipped to solve your C&I problems. Because VBR is stock keeping on critical control system & instrumentation spare parts we can shorten lead times by collecting and sending the right tooling and potentially required replacement parts in advance.


When you subscribe to our RAPID remote corrective maintenance service we can immediately solve up to 75% of your controls & instrumentation issues.  


Our LM gas turbine control system & instrumentation field services include:

Timelines for emergency call-outs are agreed upon in our maintenance agreements.