VBR Turbine Partners provides a complete portfolio of specialized maintenance solutions and services for aeroderivative gas turbines. It is our mission to optimize the reliability, availability and maintainability of your LM gas turbine operations. We deliver uptime! Our expertise covers LM2500+, LM6000, TM2500+ & PGT25+ aeroderivative gas turbines, Speedtronic & Woodward control systems and all associated auxiliary systems.


Every gas turbine in operation requires regular inspection, troubleshooting & problem solving and repair or replacement of defective parts to ensure ongoing effective operation over time.

Controls & instrumentation

75% of all unscheduled outages are caused by issues related to the control system, the instrumentation or the electrical wiring of an aeroderivative gas turbine. The majority of these problems can be solved remotely.


VBR has developed many maintenance solutions to improve the reliability, availability and maintainability of LM gas turbines and to reduce their day-to-day operation and maintenance costs in a sustainable way.

Management support

Every day plant managers, operators & maintenance engineers face many decisions on how to run their plant in the best possible way. VBR has developed management support services to improve decision making.

VBR Technical Help Desk

Help desk now available for all LM operators worldwide. The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the way that organizations conduct their business and run their operations.

Most of our customers are critical infrastructure companies that operate in electric power generation, city heating, oil & gas or industrial production. All recently imposed and upcoming regulations and restrictions raise serious concerns about the uninterrupted continuity of business and the safety of employees.