The position of VBR Turbine Partners in the global energy transition

VBR Turbine Partners provide specialized technical & digital maintenance services for gas turbines that are derived from aircraft engines. These aeroderivative gas turbines will play an important role in achieving 100% carbon neutral power generation before 2050. How will they do that?

The global decarbonization of power generation will be driven by adding more renewable solar and wind generation to the electricity grid. These renewable sources provide a fluctuating electricity supply that needs to be balanced by other forms of power generation to provide a stable electricity supply that can power our whole society in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

Aeroderivative gas turbines are very well positioned to fulfill this crucial balancing role, both during the energy transition and after 2050 because:

  • They produce the same amount of electricity at 50% of the CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired power generation;
  • Mixing in increasing amounts of renewable gas fuels (green hydrogen, biogas) with natural gas will further reduce their CO2 emissions;
  • They will be running entirely on renewable gas fuels before 2050 to realize 100% carbon neutral gas-fired power generation.

Therefore aeroderivative gas turbines will be crucial enablers to accelerate the energy transition towards 100% clean & green power generation worldwide.

At VBR Turbine Partners we take pride in enabling the global energy transition by supporting our gas turbine customers to achieve optimal reliability, availability, performance, fuel flexibility & maintainability every day again and in a very cost-effective way.