For GE LM engines with Dry Low Emissions (DLE), corrective mapping improves reliability, availability & performance. Remote DLE mapping is a quick and cost effective way to perform these corrective mappings.

Emission reduction

General Electric LM engines with DLE for emission reduction require regular remapping of key parameters in the DLE system to ensure performance as required. Incorrect DLE mapping will lead to higher fuel consumption & maintenance costs and to increased emissions of NOx, CO and CO2.

VBR Turbine Partners provide a remote solution for corrective LM gas turbine DLE mapping, which saves the mobilization & demobilization time & expenses related to an on-site visit of an experienced DLE mapping engineer.

DLE mapping; from on site to remote

For remote DLE mapping the data acquired should be 100% reliable. Therefore, as a starting point, VBR will perform an on-site LM gas turbine DLE mapping to ensure that the GT instrumentation provides all relevant data in 100% reliable way. A thoroughly executed on-site mapping will enable future fine-tuning to be performed remotely.

Our experienced field service engineers have an extensive knowledge of how the engine operates and of the real-life impact of a variety of key mapping parameters. They will determine and analyze performance issues, isolate causes and perform an optimal mapping.


LM gas turbine DLE mapping offers many advantages:

Reducing NOx, CO and CO2 emissions
Reducing vibrations, which extend the life span of the combustor
Fuel savings because the gas turbine can be operated more efficiently
Improved reliability, availability & performance