75% of all unscheduled outages are caused by issues related to the control system, the instrumentation or the electrical wiring on an aeroderivative gas turbine. Obsolete, mature and poorly commissioned new control systems and the associated instrumentation & wiring are a serious constraint for reliable GE LM gas turbine operation. VBR provides inspection, calibration, recommissioning, remote monitoring & troubleshooting, updates, upgrades and retrofits for Speedtronic, Woodward and third-party LM control system hardware & software.

C&I field service

Improve gas turbine reliability in a sustainable way by inspecting, testing and calibrating all instrumentation and by checking all cabling.

Inspection & repair

Effective C&I inspection & repair will reduce the total down time of an engine after a scheduled or unscheduled stop.

Control system retrofits

A control system retrofit will solve obsolescence issues and improve gas turbine reliability, availability & maintainability.


When a gas turbine shows indefinable symptoms or false alarms a recommissioning of the entire control system is recommended.

Remote DLE mapping

Remote DLE mapping is a quick and cost-effective way to perform corrective mappings on a DLE or DLN engine.


Cybersecure remote maintenance solutions enable experienced C&I engineers to perform immediate troubleshooting & problem solving.