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In the September 2021 edition of our VBR news update we kindly ask your attention for the following topics:

  • Effective LM spare parts supply
  • Open training courses in October
  • In-house parts repair & overhaul
  • LM technical maintenance info
  • Reliable electrical cables
  • Overview major overhaul process

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Overview VBR news updates - September 2021

Urgent requirement for LM spare parts

Urgent requirement for LM spare parts?

Most unscheduled stops and engine downtimes are caused by malfunctioning of external parts of a gas turbine. VBR Turbine Partners is stocking many critical LM2500(+), LM6000, Speedtronic and Woodward parts. Visit our LM spare parts finder or use the “LM quick quote” form to submit your request for multiple part numbers in one go.

LM2500+ TM2500+ SAC-DLE open classroom course

LM2500+ TM2500+ SAC/DLE open classroom course

Spare parts repair - VBR Turbine Partners

In-house repair and overhaul shop

Do you need inspections, tests, repairs or overhauls of critical engine or package parts? Such as air & fuel valves (Meggitt), starters (Vickers/Eaton), clutches (Hilliard) or fuel pumps (Moog)? Our in-house repair & overhaul workshop is ready to support you.

LM6000 (PA to PF) open classroom course

LM technical maintenance information

LM technical maintenance information

Interested in reliable information about the maintenance of LM2500+ LM6000 TM2500+ gas turbines? VBR has many technical presentations and brochures available as PDF download. Find them at:

Reliable electrical cables and harnesses

Reliable electrical cables and harnesses

HarcoSemco custom-designed electrical cables & harnesses offer LM operators reliable and cost-effective solutions for the most demanding applications.

Download the HarcoSemco information leaflet (PDF) for all benefits or visit HarcoSemco electrical cables & harnesses.

LM2500+ & LM6000 hot section and major overhaul

LM2500(+) & LM6000 hot section and major overhaul

Hot section or major overhaul coming up?
In these challenging times we facilitate hot section exchanges and overhauls with our service department and we provide independent overhaul expertise with our consultants. Download the VBR
LM overhaul process overview (PDF).