Strategic spare parts planning is all about having access to required spare parts at the right time and the right condition. VBR enables operators to have these parts available without keeping all OEM recommended parts in stock. The essence of this approach is knowing what spare parts you need before you need these parts.

Spare parts planning is all about reducing the risks and minimizing the costs of downtime of your gas turbine engine after a scheduled or unscheduled stop. Correct spare parts planning will help reducing purchasing and stocking costs.

Let VBR take care of your strategic spare parts stock, so you can take care of your operation.

Rapid availability of spare parts is essential

Most unscheduled stops and gas turbine down times are caused by a malfunctioning external part of the gas turbine. To minimize loss of production it is important to have immediate access to OEM replacement parts. VBR Turbine Partners is the independent stock keeping service provider for all critical LM2500(+), LM6000, TM2500(+), LM1600 and PGT25(+) spare parts.

ROI on a spare parts stock is uncertain

Keeping a stock of recommended spare parts requires a significant investment and Return On Investment is uncertain. Some spare parts will never be used, some electronic components may deteriorate over time. The changes in the market of power generation have caused gas turbines to run less stationary. Therefore the load on components has increased. This makes it harder to predict which parts must be kept on stock and which parts better not.

Reduce costs with strategic parts planning

Every gas turbine owner is searching for ways to cut costs without compromising on reliability. Strategic parts planning is a safe way to realize a cost reduction. For every gas turbine operator it is important to have replacement parts available quickly in the right condition and at the right price. Spare parts management supports gas turbine owners and operators to realize these goals.

VBR approach

VBR Turbine Partners enables gas turbine owners and operators to implement strategic spare parts planning as part of a maintenance plan. Determining factors for parts planning are scheduled maintenance and the importance of the plant, engines and separate parts. Solutions vary for respectively high-, medium- and non-critical parts.

VBR can assess your current spare parts stock and determine which parts in your stock are crucial for your operation and which spare parts are less crucial. When spare parts do not really need to be available onsite, VBR can assist to identify the best alternative stockholders. VBR can provide information and insights for proper decision making. Purchasing conditions such as the price, lead times, warranty and stock position are taken into consideration.

This analysis will lead to a cost-effective stock and agreements with third parties in order to achieve an optimal anticipation of scheduled and unscheduled engine stops.


Strategic spare parts planning offers substantial cost savings by:
Eliminating irrelevant stock
Effective and cost-effective spare parts purchasing
Reducing downtime of an engine after a scheduled or unscheduled stop


The implementation of true strategic spare parts planning will contribute substantially to the profitability of any gas turbine operation.

More information?

Download a presentation about strategic spare parts planning by Jeroen van Veldhuizen, CEO of VBR Turbine Partners: