As independent maintenance experts for LM2500+ LM6000 TM2500+ PGT25+ aeroderivative gas turbines VBR has developed many maintenance solutions to enable gas turbine operators to improve their reliability, availability and maintainability and to reduce their day-to-day operation and maintenance costs in a sustainable way.

AutoTune DLE

AutoTune DLE automatically optimizes gas turbine combustion by continuously and carefully balancing to achieve optimum combustion efficiency during the part load operation

LM gas turbine tooling

All VBR engineered LM maintenance tooling is locally manufactured in Europe and contains multiple improvements. All VBR LM tooling enhancements are derived from our long-term on-site expertise and experience in maintaining LM2500(+) and LM6000 gas turbines.

Lease engine

LM2500 gas turbine available for temporary lease purposes. Comes supplied with MetalSCAN early warning for bearing damage and RAPID remote problem solving.

Engine relocation

VBR provides systematic decommissioning and recommissioning services for used LM engines & packages to realize an effective start up and operation at their new location.

Service interval extension

Applying condition based maintenance strategies will enable extension of service intervals and extension of the total lifetime of a gas turbine.

Maintenance strategies

Different types of gas turbine operation require different kinds of maintenance strategies to ensure reliable and cost-effective operation over time.

Strategic spare parts management

Having access to the required spare parts at the right time, the right price and in the right condition is essential to reduce downtime in case of a scheduled or unscheduled engine stop.

Emission reduction (CO2, NOx, CO)

New regulations are forcing gas turbine operators to take the environmental impact of their operation into account. VBR offers solutions and retrofits to reduce emissions and to comply with emission legislation.

Technical help desk

Our help desk ensures quick & easy access to VBR know-how, experience & capabilities for the gas turbine operators and maintenance engineers of our customers.