VBR Turbine Partners enables gas turbine owners and operators to implement strategic spare parts management as part of an overall maintenance strategy. Effective spare parts planning is all about having access to the required spare parts at the right time, the right price and in the right condition. Key determining factors for spare parts purchasing are the scheduled maintenance planning and the importance of individual parts. Solutions vary for respectively high-, medium- and non-critical parts.

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Parts repair & tests

VBR provides inspections & tests of suspect components and repair or replacement of malfunctioning parts. Our OEM authorized Meggitt valve overhaul facility also provides ATEX testing of Meggitt valves.

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Do you have multiple part numbers? And do you want to know quickly whether VBR can supply them and for what price? Enter several partner numbers here and send the form. We will answer your question as well and as quickly as possible.

Strategic parts management

Strategic spare parts management is all about having access to required spare parts at the right time, the right price and in the right condition. VBR enables operators to have LM spare parts available without keeping all OEM recommended spare parts in stock.

Logistics & customs handling

VBR is a global supplier of GE LM spare parts. In case of unscheduled engine stops quick and effective delivery of replacement parts is key. The VBR logistics & customs department is specialized in delivering spare part shipments at your premises at the shortest possible notice.

Excellent spare parts supply

Most unscheduled stops and engine downtime can be related to malfunctioning of external parts of a gas turbine. To minimize loss of production fast access to OEM replacement parts is key. VBR Turbine Partners is a fully independent stock keeping maintenance provider for most critical LM2500(+), LM6000, TM2500(+), PGT25(+), Speedtronic and Woodward parts.

Authorized distribution partners

VBR Turbine Partners are the authorized distributors of leading technology companies such as Meggitt, GasTOPS MetalSCAN, Auxitrol Weston, Aero Fluid Products, HarcoSemco and Det-tronics. All our partners are manufacturers of critical OEM parts for GE, RR and other aeroderivative gas turbines.

From VBR Turbine Parts to VBR Turbine Partners

Providing gas turbine spare parts is where it all started for VBR back in the year 2000. This is why our initial name was VBR Turbine Parts.

VBR saw GE LM gas turbine operators in Europe struggling to get their spare parts in time. Another problem were the inflated costs operators had to pay for essential spare parts to keep their production processes going.

Within a few years it became clear that a spare part doesn’t stand by itself. A turbine spare is part of a problem, a solution or a service. This made us think of better ways to support end users and operators.