AutoTune-DLE-by VBR Turbine Partners and Thomassen group cod

What is AutoTune?

AutoTune DLE consists of a stand-alone smart solution box that connects to the control system of an LM gas turbine. It is an automated engine efficiency optimizer for LM2500 & LM6000 DLE in part load operation.

AutoTune DLE provides real-time empirical combustion-based engine efficiency optimization.



A continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) to provide real-time emission data to the AutoTune DLE box.

What does AutoTune do?

AutoTune DLE automatically optimizes gas turbine combustion by continuously and carefully balancing: Ambient Conditions, Fuel gas, Bleed air, Combustion Dynamics, and Emissions in a closed loop; to achieve optimum combustion efficiency during the part load operation.

Image: AutoTune-DLE  flowchart

Table: Customer example of efficiency improvement on a LM2500 DLE


AutoTune DLE – Realizing higher efficiency in part load operation

What does AutoTune mean for LM operators?


Table: Customer example of fuel gas saving & CO2 avoidance savings on a LM2500 DLE

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