We understand that shipping and paperwork can become very difficult. Export, regulations, import duties, bonded warehousing, dual use, remote locations, express delivery, next day delivery, hand carry delivery. That is why we continuesly invest in the applicable certifications that make incoming and outbound shipping easy for you as customer. We can take care of the complete supply chain with all relevant paperwork.In short: Less work, less costs, more time savings and a well-arranged transport from door to door.

The benefits of VBR logistics support

Our VBR logistics department….from door to door, well trained and experienced.
Fewer security and safety related controls
Business continuity mechanism
Global supply chain security
Avoid duplication of efforts and costsd
Priority treatment if selected for control 
We handle the whole chain of logistics
High Safety and security standards
Less paperwork for you (we will do this for you)
Easier admittance to customs simplifications