Meggitt Controls formerly known as Whittaker Controls is the OEM engineering company for aerospace and gas turbine valves. You will find Meggitt energy products in GE LM series, Rolls Royce and many other aeroderivative gas turbines.

VBR Turbine Partners is the distributor for all new Meggitt Energy Products. At our location in Elst, VBR performs OEM & ATEX certified “back to zero hour” overhauls on Meggitt valves.

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Meggitt control valves

The Meggitt Controls valves are of extreme quality achieved by smart engineering, aerospace proven designs utilizing top class materials and extensive testing. VBR provides new Meggitt gas turbine control valves and valve upgrades directly to end users at a competitive prices. VBR is stockist of Meggitt Controls valves so response times and lead times are short. An overview of Meggitt’s innovative and cost-effective valve portfolio is presented at

Valve overhaul

All Meggitt Controls valves are ATEX certified. VBR is the OEM authorized valve overhaul facility based in Europe. VBR provides overhauls on Meggitt valves that will bring them back to zero hour condition. When we deliver a full OEM authorized overhaul the required ATEX certification is still in place.

VBR valve overhaul facility

The OEM authorized overhaul facility for all Meggitt & PECC valves based in Europe is located within the VBR Turbine Partners main office and warehouse building in Elst, The Netherlands. Specialized engineers perform all required tests and overhaul procedures with all original parts to ensure that the ATEX certification of these valves remains valid.

About Meggitt & Whittaker Controls

Meggitt Controls is a well respected producer of gas turbine air flow control and fuel control valves. Many of these critical valves are used in General Electric (GE) and Rolls Royce (RR) aeroderivative gas turbines. Originally founded in 1942, Whittaker Controls has provided a wide range of innovative products for the aerospace industry and the industrial fluid control industry. In 1999 Whittaker Controls was acquired by the british aerospace engineering company Meggitt.

Meggitt Controls had a long and extensive experience with aircraft- and aeroderivative engine bleed air applications. They have also become a recognized authority on the development of robust air control valves for the harsh operating environments of industrial gas turbines.

About Meggitt & Precision Engine Controls Corporation (PECC)

The Precision Engine Controls Corporation (PECC) in San Diego was founded in 1968 as Bendix Energy Controls. Bendix changed its name in 1992 to PECC and became a leading manufacturer of fuel metering valves, bleed valves & actuators for gas turbine OEMs as Solar, Siemens & Rolls Royce. By the end of 2014 Precision became a member of Meggitt Controls Corporation based in North Hollywood. PECC valves are highly resistant to contamination as seen in harsh environments in the power generation and oil & gas industries.