The retirement of many experienced gas turbine operators and maintenance personnel has increased the human error factor in gas turbine operation & maintenance. Competence development of younger gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers is an effective way to reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance.

Training as a way to reduce operation and maintenance costs

VBR Turbine Partners offers high-quality LM gas turbine operations and maintenance training courses for gas turbine operation & maintenance staff. Our courses go further than the basics of the gas turbine. VBR has developed various levels of education and training from the perspective of optimizing day-to-day operation and optimizing maintenance activities and management.

Applying the knowledge and skills gained in this training will improve reliability, availability & maintainability and reduce operation & maintenance costs

Excellent training quality

VBR Turbine Partners’ broad experience with repair, overhaul and remote analysis ensures an extensive knowledge of LM aeroderivative gas turbines and their control systems. Not only does this result in constantly improved services, we also make this expertise available to our clients through maintenance solutions & services such as technical help desk, maintenance agreements, remote maintenance solutions and consultancy.

Our training instructors are full-time professionals who are experienced with all aspects of gas turbine operation, maintenance and control technology. They combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercise to ensure maximum value and relevance for the client.

Each trainee will receive a training manual covering the relevant subjects of the training course. The manual consists of equipment descriptions, schematics and operating and maintenance instructions. It is supplemented with an abundance of reference information, for further private studies. It will retain its value as reference manual in the long term.

Target groups

Our courses are suitable for those who need an in-depth understanding of LM aeroderivative gas turbines, Speedtronic & Woodward control systems and all related auxiliary systems. Both the less experienced and the more experienced operation and maintenance staff will profit from the knowledge and skills acquired for fine-tuning gas turbines, solving technical issues and for preventing technical problems.

Customer-specific training courses

VBR Turbine Partners offers proven training courses specifically tailored to your requirements. These courses can be conducted at your own facilities or if required, at our training center in Elst or at any other location selected.

VBR combines classroom training sessions on site with practical lessons close to the machinery. This gives the trainees sufficient possibilities to apply the provided theoretical knowledge on the machines they work with each day.

Engine specific open training courses

VBR also organizes engine specific open training courses for individual subscription which will be delivered either at our main office in The Netherlands or at any other location agreed on with our local sales offices or agents in all parts of the world.