Our dedicated customer orientation is rooted in four core values: independent, adding value, continuously improve and friendly. Each and every day these values enable us to keep delivering on our customer promise “support beyond expectation”.

VBR Turbine Partners are fully independent global maintenance experts for LM aeroderivative gas turbines. We offer our customers a choice between all available maintenance solutions in the market. This way they can make a wise and well-informed decision what will be the best option for their specific operating profile and maintenance management requirements.

Adding value

As an independent full-service maintenance provider we need to do a better job than the OEM at a better price than the OEM to justify our existence in the technical maintenance market. Therefore we will always focus on delivering added value at a competitive price to live up to our customer promise ”support beyond expectation”.

Continuously improve

No matter how good we are and how good we plan, problems will arise and mistakes will be made. We may not be able to prevent all unforeseen problems or errors but we can do our very best to solve them in the most effective way and we will challenge ourselves to learn from these experiences by improving our project procedures and executional skills.


At VBR we believe that a serious and professional work attitude can be combined with friendly behaviour in interpersonal communication with customers, colleagues and business partners. Friendly personal interaction facilitates mutual understanding and contributes to establishing trust between persons and parties.