The PGT25 is based on the extremely reliable LM2500 gas generator and equipped with a High Speed Power Turbine (HSPT) usually for Mechanical Drive (centrifugal compressors, pumps) applications.

VBR: An independent PGT25(+) service provider

“VBR Turbine Partners is an independent ISO 9001:2015 certified gas turbine service provider established in the year 2000. Our full service portfolio includes gas turbine spare parts, field services (mechanical & controls), commissioning & alignment, maintenance & repair, instrumentation & controls, condition monitoring and consulting & training.

Hot section exchange PGT25(+)

The PGT25(+) gas turbine is extremely reliable and long lasting. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that at a certain point the hot section is no longer adequate and needs to be overhauled or replaced. Shutting down the operation and shipping the engine to a OEM licensed overhaul depot is very costly and time consuming. VBR Turbine Partners provide an alternative with our on-site hot section inspection and exchange services. Read more about cost-effective solutions at our Hot section exchange on-site page.

Emission reduction retrofits

Owners and operators of older non-DLE PGT25(+) gas turbines in Europe will need to apply some form of emission reduction retrofit to comply with the NOx emission legislation of the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). For a PGT25(+) fitted with a properly dimensioned steam injection system, VBR provides a smart optimized steam injection retrofit as a cost-effective solution to comply with the IED.

Troubleshooting & problem solving

VBR Turbine Partners are a competence center for improving maintenance on General Electric PGT25(+) aero-derivative gas turbines. With our know-how, technical consultants and experienced engineers we can assess in a very effective way how to solve issues and disruptions with your engine as quickly as possible.


Based on our extensive PGT25(+) knowledge and experience we have developed 2 training courses: one exclusively for PGT25(+) operators and one for PGT25(+) operators, maintenance engineers (mechanical and I&C), plant managers, project managers, maintenance managers, purchasers etc. Learn more about our PGT25(+) training courses in the dedicated Education & Training page.