01 April 2021

News Update | April 2021

Dear visitor, Moving into Spring 2021 the perspectives are finally becoming brighter … In this VBR news update we kindly ask your attention for the new DECIDE decision support website. It provides a wealth of information about effective gas turbine operation & maintenance management. We look forward to your visits and your feedback. Team VBR […]
03 February 2021

News Update | February 2021

Dear visitor, 2020… What a year! The year 2021 will hopefully give us a more positive outlook. There are challenges for the first half of the year but we look forward to an improved outlook for the second half of the year. In this VBR news update we show you how we keep providing corona-proof […]
02 December 2020

News Update | December 2020

Meet the VBR Global Parts Sales team! Every time an LM operator contacts us with a spare parts request the VBR Global Parts Sales team takes pride in assuring that you will receive your quotation within 1 business day. Why not give us a try the next time you need LM2500(+), LM6000, TM2500(+), Speedtronic or […]
10 November 2020

News update | November 2020

Dear visitor The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the way that our customers conduct their business and run their operation & maintenance. At VBR we keep providing outstanding maintenance support to you in the most effective & safe way for your employees and for our service engineers.The […]
23 July 2020

For Sale/Lease: LM2500+ Power Turbine

Are you in need of a Power Turbine for a LM2500+ SAC/DLE? We have one available (Lease / Buy) so please make sure to contact us for more information! Previous Next
19 March 2020

COVID-19 / Corona virus notification

Important notification The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the ways that companies can conduct their business and run their operations. Most of our customers are critical infrastructure companies that operate in electric power generation, city heating, oil & gas or industrial production. All recently imposed and upcoming […]

Quality and safety

“Safety First” VBR Turbine Partners prides itself in having an exemplary safety record. We have all national and international qualifications and certifications in place. This enables VBR to guarantee safe delivery of our high quality gas turbine maintenance solutions and maintenance services. Read more…