Every day gas turbine plant managers, operators, maintenance engineers and procurement officers face many decisions on how to run their plant in the best possible way. The profitability of a gas turbine operation depends largely on the quality of the day-to-day decision making by all these people involved. VBR has developed a portfolio of dedicated management support services to improve decision making in gas turbine operation & maintenance in a sustainable way.

VBR Turbine Partners have proven themselves as centre of excellence for the operation and maintenance of General Electric LM aero-derivative gas turbines. Our engineers (both I&C and mechanical) have extensive expertise and experience in GE LM-series gas turbines. Our principal consultants share their knowledge offering both short- and long-term support, without any obligation to make use of our other services. They provide solid recommendations to support owners & operators in their day-to-day and strategic decision-making.

Human error reduction

Reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance by predictive operation & maintenance support and by dedicated education & training.

Training & education services

VBR provides dedicated LM and Woodward training courses that are developed from the perspective of improving day-to-day operation & maintenance on aeroderivative gas turbines.

Competence development

Developing the competency of both gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers is probably the best way to reduce human error in day-to-day operation & maintenance.

Condition monitoring

Extending maintenance service intervals for cost reduction purposes requires reliable information about the condition of the engine, its control system, instrumentation and auxiliary systems.

Maintenance agreements

Maintenance agreements enable gas turbine operators to reduce the amount of unscheduled stops and to reduce the total downtime of an engine. They include immediate availability of specialized technical expertise

Major overhaul consultancy

Major overhauls represent the major part of a gas turbine maintenance budget. VBR supports operators to get the best possible overhaul at the best possible price from their choice of OEM (licensed) overhaul depot.

RAPID immediate problem solving

An immediately available remote corrective maintenance service that enables gas turbine operators to reduce engine downtime in case of an unscheduled engine stop.