Effective corrective maintenance is a key enabler for sustainable improvement of the profitability of any gas turbine operation. RAPID remote problem solving is a digital gas turbine maintenance solution that delivers 24/7 remote technical support in case of unscheduled engine downtime.RAPID provides immediate remote assessment of GT problems and interventions or recommendations to solve these problems in a quick & effective way. The purpose of RAPID is to reduce engine downtime in case of unscheduled engine stops.

RAPID: A powerful solution

RAPID is a powerful solution for remote solving of the majority of all C&I related gas turbine problems. More specific C&I issues however will also require some kind of physical intervention in the sensors, cabling or control system of the gas turbine to solve the problem. When an operator does not have these specific technical C&I capabilities on site specialized external C&I experts can provide augmented reality support to on-site maintenance engineers to solve these issues.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality support (AR) by external technical experts enables maintenance engineers on site to enhance their technical problem solving skills & capabilities. RAPID remote problem solving enables gas turbine owners & operators to perform more complex corrective I&C maintenance interventions in a quick, effective and cost-effective way.