Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we have decided to continue our open LM2500(+) and LM6000 familiarization courses as 5-day online webinars at substantially discounted participation fees. The Woodward Micronet+ training course will be temporarily postponed until further notice.

The Q4-2021 editions of the VBR training webinar courses are scheduled in Oct & Nov 2021. Exact dates will be published soon. For more information please contact Stephen Heemink at training@vbr-turbinepartners.com.

VBR online training webinars 2021

VBR LM2500 Training

LM2500(+) Training

LM2500/+ PGT25 SAC/DLE
start oct 2021

Woodward Training

Woodward Micronet+ Control system
  • Oct - Nov, 2021
  • 4-5 DAYS
  • Price €
  • Location: VBR online training room
Start Oct 2021
VBR LM6000 Training

LM6000 Training

Start Oct 2021