Quality, safety, health and environment regulations and best practices are a crucial aspect of the day-to-day business of both our customers and ourselves. VBR Turbine Partners pay the highest attention to all QSHE aspects related to the delivery of our maintenance solutions & services and to the supply of our gas turbine spare parts.

QSHE policy statement

Our quality & safety qualifications & certifications

ISO 9001:2015

VBR Turbine Partners are ISO 9001:2015 certified for “The supply of spare parts and professional services for maintenance, repair and upgrading of industrial gas turbines including project management”.

ISO 45001:2018

VBR Turbine partners are ISO 45001:2018 certified to assure that our maintenance service engineers can work according to strict safety standards.

Authorized Economic Operator

VBR Turbine Partners are approved by the Dutch Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards.


VBR Turbine Partners are TRACE certified for compliance with anti-bribery standards worldwide. TRACE Does not issue a certificate, but you can check our active membership and compliance status by following this link: https://tpms.traceinternational.org/IntermediaryDirectory  Trace ID VBR Turbine Partners: TC5144-2581


Achilles is committed to the sustainability and performance of the businesses that they work with. Achilles collect and validate supplier data and mitigate risks globally. This data-driven insight builds more secure, sustainable, better performing supply chains.

Accredited work placement company

VBR Turbine Partners are approved by the Dutch Ministry of Education as an accredited work placement company for technical students.