Meet up with VBR Turbine Partners

VBR Turbine Partners - PowerGen - Exhibition

Each year VBR participates in major events related to the Energy, Power Generation, Gas Turbine and Oil and Gas industries to keep good track of all new developments and to present our innovative maintenance improvement solutions & services to both new and existing customers. You can meet up with VBR Turbine Partners on many occasions such as ETN-Global meetings, the WTUI conferences in California USA, Enlit events and dedicated LM user groups worldwide.

Upcoming events:

Connectr logo
Connectr Cafe IPKW
World Hydrogen 2022
DGTA network reception
EIT InnoEnergy
ETN LM2500 user meeting
ASME Turbo Expo
Enlit Asia (PowerGen Asia)
ME-RoTIC conference
ETN October Workshop 2022
Enlit Europe (formely EUW/PGE)