Meet up with VBR Turbine Partners

Each year VBR participates in major events related to the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Gas Turbine industries to keep good track of all new developments and to present our innovative maintenance improvement solutions & services to both new and existing customers. You can meet up with VBR Turbine Partners on many occasions. You will find us at events such as ETN-Global meetings, the WTUI conferences in California USA, Enlit events and dedicated LM user groups worldwide.

Upcoming events 2021:

Enlit Europe

2021, November 30 - December 2, Milan, Italy

Upcoming events 2022:

Australian Gas Turbines Conference

2022, March 15 - 16, Sydney, Australia

DGTA national gas turbine user conference

2022, March 22-23, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

WTUI virtual LM User Conference

2022, March 29 - April 1

ASME Turbo Expo

2022, June 13-17, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

VBR Turbine Partners - PowerGen - Exhibition