VBR training courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training to ensure maximum value and relevance for our clients. All our trainers and instructors are experienced professionals and all our training courses have been developed from the fully independent perspective of improving day-to-day operation & maintenance.

Independent education & training

VBR is completely independent and not associated with any gas turbine OEM. This independent position enables us to provide unbiased advice & recommendations for any decision regarding purchases, parts replacement, operation improvement or strategic maintenance on General Electric LM gas turbines and Speedtronic or Woodward control systems.

In-company training

VBR offers training courses specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements and needs. We combine on-site classroom training sessions along with practical instruction close to the machinery. This gives trainees the possibility to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to the machines they work with each day.

Open training courses

VBR conducts specialized open training courses for individual subscription which will be delivered either at our main office in the Netherlands or at any other agreed location throughout the world. A perfect start to increase your expertise about LM gas turbines, Woodward control systems or DLE-mapping.

Competence development

The retirement of experienced gas turbine personnel has increased the human error factor in gas turbine operation & maintenance. Developing the professional competence of both gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers is probably the best way to reduce human error.

Technical help desk

Our technical help desk ensures quick & easy access to VBR technical know-how, experience & capabilities. We are available to provide clear answers on all non-urgent technical questions that gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers of our contract customers would like to ask.