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The COVID-19 / Corona virus outbreak has a worldwide impact on people and on the way that our customers conduct their business and run their operation & maintenance.

At VBR we keep providing outstanding maintenance support to you in the most effective & safe way for your employees and for our service engineers.
The delivery of our LM spare parts and tooling will continue within the shortest possible turnaround times.

Looking forward to support you in these challenging times and best regards,

Jeroen van Veldhuizen

Overview VBR news updates November 2020

VBR enhanced LM tooling

With travel restrictions in place LM operators worldwide depend much more on their own on-site operation & maintenance staff.
The use of VBR enhanced LM tooling can extend and improve the capabilities of your maintenance team.

LM2500(+) & LM6000 hot section and major overhaul

Hot section or major overhaul coming up?
In these challenging times we facilitate hot section exchanges and overhauls with our service department and we provide independent overhaul expertise with our consultants. Download the VBR
LM overhaul process overview (PDF).

Helpdesk for technical support

Require immediate technical support?
To support LM operators in critical infrastructures worldwide we have created a direct access to our specialized technical helpdesk.
Our team of experienced mechanical engineers, controls & instrumentation experts and condition monitoring specialists will be available to connect, collaborate and realize solutions with you.

Reassuring fire & gas safety

Could your asset be at risk because of an unreliable fire & gas safety system in your gas turbine enclosure? VBR provides fire & gas safety retrofits with industry leading DET-TRONICS solutions. When DET-TRONICS stops your engine it does so for a very good reason… Download the DET-TRONICS info sheet (PDF).