Gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers are under constant pressure to increase up timewhilst minimising their operation & maintenance costs.The use of the VBR consultancy services assist gas turbine owners to significantly and sustainably reduce day-to-day operation & maintenance costs and recurring engine overhaul costs.

Complex business requires extensive expertise

Regularly gas turbine owners & operators make decisions that affect productivity, efficiency and profitability of their gas turbine business. Such decisions carry great risks and can have major operational or financial impact. In the future gas turbine owners will face increasing demands from clients, managements and governments to continue reducing their operating costs, maintenance costs and exhaust emissions whilst improving their levels of availability, performance and reliability. To effectively handle these demands a high level of gas turbine expertise is required.

First class knowledge at your service

VBR Turbine Partners have proven themselves as centre of excellence for the operation and maintenance of General Electric LM aero-derivative gas turbines. Our engineers (both I&C and mechanical) have extensive expertise and experience in GE LM-series gas turbines. Our principal consultants share their knowledge offering both short- and long-term support, without any obligation to make use of our other services. They provide solid recommendations to support owners & operators in their day-to-day and strategic decision-making.

Independent and unbiased advice

VBR is independent from any gas turbine OEM and provide unbiased advice for any decision concerning purchase, replacement, maintenance, strategic operations of General Electric LM gas turbines and Woodward or Speedtronic control systems. Our consultants can alsoprovide advice on how to use our services to achieve power augmentation & efficiency improvement in a cost effective manner. When considering a hot section exchange, VBR can provide a hot section exchange on-site or independent overhaul consultancy services to realize the best price to performance ratio on your hot section exchange or engine overhaul.